A Memorable Encounter with the Penang International Open Champion, IM Loeffler

Left to right: Abdullah Che Hassan, Loeffler, Yusof Yasnain. This snapshot captures a spontaneous moment during the Penang International Open, where Abdullah Che Hassan, Norullah, and Yusof Yasnain had just finished their lunch. As luck would have it, they spotted IM Loeffler strolling solo and decided to seize the opportunity for a memorable encounter.

But .. Why?

Approaching IM Loeffler, Noorullah politely inquired, “May we take a photo with you?” To their amusement, IM Loeffler responded with a witty, “What? Do you want me to take a photo for you?” The Malaysians burst into laughter, clarifying, “No, no. We want to take a picture WITH you!” Loeffler, genuinely curious, questioned their request with a simple, “But why?”

Noorullah, quick with a compliment, countered, “Because you’ve defeated two GMs!” IM Loeffler, modest as ever, chuckled and modestly attributed his success to luck, saying, “I was lucky.

In response, Norullah was adamant, declaring, “No, you’re not lucky. You’re good!” IM Loeffler couldn’t help but smile, and Norullah captured the moment by snapping a picture.

These delightful exchanges took place before IM Loeffler clinched the championship title at the recently concluded Penang International Open, adding an extra layer of significance to their encounter.

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