Why chess blogging?

Started chess blogging two decades ago. Am still blogging. Iniitial reason was have a chess scrapbook. It was just newspaper cuttings from newspapers like Utusan Malaysia, The Star, News Straits Times and Malay Mail. Every scrap of chess news from the newspapers were cut and pasted into that book. The chess blogs simply became extension … Read more

Penang Open 2023 – going into Round 5

A sole leader emerges after 4 rounds in 17-year-old Indonesian Aditya Bagus.He is certainly no stranger to Penang having been here since 2015. Here are some of his picture that year, sharing the podium for winning a junior prize when he was 9 years old. From the 5th round pairing above, Aditya will meet the … Read more

Penang Open 2023: After 2 rounds

After defeating 15-year-old CM Benjamin Leong in less than 20 minutes in his Round 2 match, top seed GM Priasmoro Novendra easily maintained a perfect 2 points. Priasmoro will play veteran IM Angelo Young in Round 3 tomorrow morning. On board 2, the second seed, GM Ziaur Rahman, will meet up with the promising young … Read more

Penang Open 2023-Participants from 13 countries

Participants (total 98) of this year’s 15 the Penang City Heritage Intrnational Chess Open comprise player from no less than 13 countries. They are : • Bangladesh • Brunei Darussalam • China • England • Hong Kong • Indonesia • India • Malaysia • Philippines • Russia • Singapore • United States of America Full … Read more

Why I look forward to Penang Open

Checkmating in Paradise: Why the Penang Open Chess Festival is a Unique Experience Chess, a game of strategy and intellect, often conjures up images of hushed libraries or dimly lit tournament halls. But what if you could combine the mental challenge of chess with the allure of a tropical paradise? Enter the Penang Open Chess … Read more

Namelist – Penang Open 2023

 This is a cut-and-paste from the Penang Chess website. See the full list here: No Name Sex Rating Federation 1 Novendra Priasmoro Male 2499 Indonesia 2 Ziaur Rahman Male 2436 Bangladesh 4 Aditya Bagus Arfan Male 2415 Indonesia 5 Pavel Shkapenko Male 2415 FIDE 6 Poh Yu Tian Male 2405 MAS 7 Oleg Badmatsyrenov Male 2399 … Read more

Namelist – Penang Challengers 2023

This is a cut n paste from the Penang Chess website. See the full list here: Full Name Gender FIDE Rat Federation 1 Muhammad Yusof Bin Abdullah Male 2142 Malaysian Chess Federation 2 Roy Marpaung Male 1908 INDONESIA 3 Nathanael Dieudonne Benedictus Simanihuruk Male 1846 INA(Indonesia) 4 Taufik Defasya M. Eda Male 1745 Indonesia 5 Chong … Read more