Help needed – Tamil Song

Can any Tamil speaking viewers here tell me if this Gukesh song is weird or sounds correct in Tamil ? Of course it’s because I used Google Translate and we all know how quirky the translation can be 🙂

Siddharth – Singapore 5th GM

He is 16-year-old. He was born in India but is now a Singaporean. Siddharth Jagadeesh rose to become Singapore’s fifth Grandmaster. With a decisive victory over Andrey Esipenko, he gained his last GM-norm. The Early Days Sidat’s chess adventure began under the guidance of his father, who was an ardent chess enthusiast. At the tender … Read more

No engine, Cowboy Gukesh

In an age of teenage prodigies emerging almost on a monthly basis from India, Gukesh’s upbringing in the sport was slightly different than that of most others. He was deliberately kept off chess engines till he had crossed a rating of 2500 in his career The above confirms an interesting fact about Gukesh. Engine … Read more

FIDE ChessMom Initiative

Focus Chess Moms: FIDE’s Progressive Initiative The Commission for Women’s Chess (CWC) has launched the ChessMom pilot initiative, aiming to provide essential support to professional female chess players who are also mothers of infants under one year old. This initiative recognizes the unique challenges faced by women in the chess world and seeks to create … Read more