Help needed – Tamil Song

Can any Tamil speaking viewers here tell me if this Gukesh song is weird or sounds correct in Tamil ? Of course it’s because I used Google Translate and we all know how quirky the translation can be 🙂

is Gukesh the exception?

Grandmaster D. Gukesh, despite being one of the top players, is often noted for his intuitive and natural play style. While it’s common for grandmasters to heavily rely on technology for preparation, Gukesh’s approach is somewhat different. The following video shows that he doesn’t even have a dedicated PC of his own!!  He emphasizes understanding … Read more

Gukesh D: A Rising Chess Star’s Journey

The 2017 Selangor Open: A Pivotal Moment Meet Gukesh D, the young chess prodigy from India. In 2017, he graced the Selangor Open in Malaysia, leaving an indelible mark on the chess world. But let’s set aside the technicalities for a moment. Yes, he fell short of Sergei Karjakin’s record as the youngest Grandmaster (GM) … Read more