is Gukesh the exception?

Grandmaster D. Gukesh, despite being one of the top players, is often noted for his intuitive and natural play style.

While it’s common for grandmasters to heavily rely on technology for preparation, Gukesh’s approach is somewhat different.

The following video shows that he doesn’t even have a dedicated PC of his own!!

 He emphasizes understanding over memorization, which allows him to be less dependent on computer analysis compared to his peers1This unique approach has certainly served him well, as evidenced by his rapid rise in the world of chess and his impressive achievements at a young age1.

The title is genuinely a question. I really don’t know!! It is amazing to find any top level GM that does not rely on computers and technology!!

I may be wrong too. Gukesh may have a high end notebook but somehow I still doubt that.

And there may be other Super GMs that are exactly like Gukesh!

P/S: Feel stupid now not thinking this before. Gukesh must be carrying a more than capable notebook sso he doesn’t need a PC at home. But still, I have no confirmation of that but it is most likely and most logical.

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