Learning Bytes

I am surprised at how much I think I have learnt from YouTube videos of Gotham Chess and Sagar Shah when they navigate and narrate top level chess games which I would never have come close to understanding the nuances and the ideas of certain moves or maneuvers. Perhaps that is the attraction of such … Read more

No engine, Cowboy Gukesh

In an age of teenage prodigies emerging almost on a monthly basis from India, Gukesh’s upbringing in the sport was slightly different than that of most others. He was deliberately kept off chess engines till he had crossed a rating of 2500 in his career https://indianexpress.com/article/sports/chess/gukesh-wins-candidates-17-year-old-raised-without-chess-engines-ding-liren-world-chess-championships-9283580/ The above confirms an interesting fact about Gukesh. Engine … Read more

AI Chess Coach assistant

Wrote something about this with the title of AI Chess Coach talking about possibility of creating an AI chess coach some time last year when cool tools like text to image tools like MidJourney were starting to appear. Lost that article now because of the recent malware attack on my blog. But the gist of … Read more