Good news from SEA games!

We now have some good news after the disappointment of winning zero medals at the Southeast Asian Games. From GM Ian Rogers’ message, as relayed by Ching Kim Lye: Most recent positive news! FM FM Wong recently received his third and final IM norm today, while Nicholas received his first IM norm yesterday!

Now that FM Wong has broken through the ELO 2400 point barrier, we will have a new IM. Cheers to you both!

I hope the others have good news today as well.Put your hands together:-) as of right now, according to coach GM Ian Rogers! “Today, Nicholas Chan, who had defeated Torre, Antonio, and Megaranto in the previous three rounds, drew with leader Nguyen Ngoc Truongson, marking a significant victory for Malaysia! With two additional pawns, Chan could have won the endgame but was unable to do so. However, Chan received his first IM norm from the draw.

For Chan to have a remote chance of winning the bronze, he must defeat Antonio today with Black; even if he prevails, he will most likely lose in a tiebreak. Today, three additional players can also achieve IM standards; Wong need a draw, and Mok and Lim require victories. Mok portrays Kyaw, Wong plays Dinh Duc Trong, and Lim has the most difficult task leading Black against Handoko. In the team competition, Malaysia is still in third place, just ahead of Singapore and Indonesia.

Regretfully, Singapore will be strong favourites to win the bronze medals from us given their better matchups in the penultimate round; Vietnam is already assured of the gold, and the Philippines of the silver. 14-year-old Wan Khye Theng is no longer in the running for a medal in the women’s event after losing her opening match in round seven.

Results: Chan Lim, 5/8 Wong 4.5 Mas 4 Mok 3.5 Wan 4/8 Marmono 3.5 Update: Wong earned his third IM norm after drawing quickly in the championship round. As soon as he achieves a rating higher than 2400, he will become an International Master.THE LAST ROUND 9 PAIRINGS TODAY (05/11/2005) GM FM vs. Joey Antonio FM Nicholas Chan Zi Jing Wong FM between 1/2 and 1/2 Dinh Duc Trong IM Ronald Dableo vs. Ma Hafizulhelmi GM FM vs. Edhi Handoko Lim Yee Weng FM FM vs. Kyaw Lin Naing Meng Wan Mok Tze WCM vs. Khye Theng Suzanna Sia Xin Yun Zinmar Min Than against Roslina Marmono