Increase rating. What now?

FIDE recently gave every rated players below ELO 2000 a rating boost. What exactly is this and why did FIDE do this:

  1. One-Time Adjustment to Classical Ratings:
    • Players rated below 2000 Elo will experience a one-time rating increase. The formula for this adjustment is (0.40) x (2000 – Rating).
    • This means that players will receive somewhere between 0 and 400 Elo points added to their ratings.
    • For instance:
      • A player rated exactly 1000 will get an increase of 400 points.
      • A player rated 1500 will see their rating increase by 200 points.
      • A player rated 1950 will receive only 20 points added.
    • The goal is to compress ratings within the range of 1400-2000, without altering the order of players, but adjusting the spacing between them.

  2. Increasing the Rating Floor:
    • The minimum FIDE rating has been adjusted from 1000 to 1400.
    • This change addresses a long-standing issue related to deflation in the rating system.
    • Over the past decade, low initial ratings for younger/weaker players led to deflationary pressure on the overall rating system.
    • By raising the minimum rating, FIDE aims to mitigate this deflation.

These changes are designed to enhance the accuracy of the rating system and provide a fairer representation of players’ abilities. 🌟👑


Impact on Players:

Approximately 85% of rated players fall below the 2000 Elo mark and will benefit from the rating increase.

Players should be aware of their new ratings and consider how it affects their standing in tournaments and competitions.

The adjustment provides an opportunity for players to recalibrate their expectations and set new goals.

What should you do?

  1. Play more: Players with increased ratings should reevaluate their chess goals. Consider participating in higher-rated events or aiming for specific achievements.
  2. Don’t be afraid to lose rating: With a higher rating, players may face stronger opponents. Adapt your opening repertoire, study more advanced tactics, and analyze games to improve. And never be a coward scared of losing that precious rating points!
  3. Stay Consistent: Maintain consistent practice and play regularly. The rating increase reflects your progress; continue working on your game.
  4. Seek Coaching: Consider seeking coaching or analyzing games with stronger players to enhance your skills further.

    In short, it should encourage players to improve their chess. Even an inactive player like me is now thinking what rated tournament can I enter!

For more details, you can refer to the official FIDE announcements